Return or exchange of goods

A simple online form is used for withdrawal from the purchase contract (refund of money) as well as for the exchange of goods purchased from the e-shop. Here you choose whether you wish to withdraw from the purchase contract for the given goods or whether you want to replace the goods from the order with another available size.

  • Withdrawal from the purchase contract or exchange of goods is possible within 14 days of receipt of goods
  • When you replace your order for the first time, you only cover the cost of returning the original goods and the replacement goods are then delivered free of charge.
  • Replacement of purchased goods for other goods can be solved only by withdrawal from the contract within 14 days and a new order.
  • The funds are returned no later than 14 days after the withdrawal, but not before we receive the goods or proof that they have been shipped.
  • Replaced goods are always sent by the same carrier to the same address/pickup point as the original order was sent.
  • If the buyer withdraws from the contract for the delivery of the goods to which he received a free gift from the seller and the total price of the order falls below the amount to which the seller provides such a gift, the buyer is obliged to return the gift with the goods. If the gift is in a sealed package that cannot be returned after removal from the package for hygienic reasons (eg underwear, mask, etc.), the gift must be returned in the original sealed package, unwrapped and hygienically harmless. If the buyer does not return the gift in this way, he is obliged to pay the seller the usual price of the gift; in such a case, the seller is entitled to deduct the price of the gift to the buyer's claim for the refund of the purchase price after withdrawal.

To access the form it is necessary to know the order number and the e-mail with which the goods were ordered.

After sending the form you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Enter the order number and email associated with the order